The Easy Living Ranch Style House Plans

Ranch Style House - After the World War II, a new housing plan became popular in America. These homes were cheap to build and easy to maintain and were inexpensive...

These ranch style house plans used minimum interior and exterior decorations and are the best option for the low profile families. An informal and casual living style has been maintained in these houses by the use of the modern style ideas with the blend of the western American style. This type of houses gained more popularity in the late 20th century when the historical decoration gained success and was given importance.

Ranch Style House Plans

The ranch style is now revitalized and is more famous among the youngsters who have shown great interest to this style of houses. The style is almost similar to that of the bungalow which was also very famous at a time, but then it was gone and this style was faded due to loss of interest and has now emerged with a new boom as a surviving house plan. There are different common features of the ranch houses such as the long roofline with single story, wood or brick exterior, trim interior, attached garage, rectangular or U-shaped floor and asymmetrical design.

Ranch Style House Plans

Some other features of the ranch style house plans include the dining and the living room with the sliding glass doors and the windows are covered with the shutters and the ceiling is exposed to beam. A new variation has been made to the style in which the fully furnished basement is above the ground and it serves as a recreational area or an additional floor. This is the raised ranch style and is most suitable for the hilly areas. It is also the best option for summer living and goes well with the moderate climate. This housing style is also very helpful for the older people who cannot climb the stairs and has many advantages.

Ranch Style House Plans

The architecture of the ranch houses is very popular and is suitable in those locations where the land is cheap. These houses also allow you to enjoy the outdoor living and are inexpensive. They are long houses and the decoration is less. The ranch style house plans also include the patios and the decks and help you to enjoy the nature in the outdoor area. There are large style plan and the small style plans for the ranch houses. The small ranch houses are usually rectangular in shape and the large designs may be U-shaped or L-shaped having a center courtyard so that it is visible form the living side area.

Ranch Style House Plans

The main theme behind the ranch style house is that the rooms have a flow from one into the other not like the old style in which there was a small space being divided as in many other architectural plans. In the ranch houses you can also have the access to the living room or the kitchen from the garage. There are open floors so that you can use the rooms for different purposes and all these features make them so popular among the people

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